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Globe Santa delivers holiday gifts to families of all denominations with children 12 years old or younger. Does your family or agency reside in our coverage area?

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How to request gifts for your family:

Everyone needs a hand every now and then. If your family could use assistance this holiday season, follow the instructions below so Globe Santa can help.

Globe Santa does not accept family letters without a holiday gift verification form.
Families who have children 12 years old or younger and live in Globe Santa's delivery area can submit a holiday gift verification form from the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) or another approved agency. Follow these steps to request holiday gifts for children:

1. Tell us your story. Write a letter to Globe Santa describing your situation or telling us why you’re seeking holiday gifts for your children. Do not include a wish list or gift ideas.

2. Finish your forms. Complete and sign your Holiday Gift Verification Form from the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) or other approved agency.

3. Check envelope contents. Before you send your request, confirm your family letter and verification form are included in the envelope. Letters received without a verification form cannot be processed!

4. Mail your request. Send your letter and completed verification form to the following address by December 5:
Globe Santa
P.O. Box 55820
Boston, MA 02205-5820

About DTA Holiday Gift Verification Forms

• Globe Santa Fund will accept the new DTA Holiday Gift Verification form.

• DTA families who live in our coverage area and have children 12 years old or younger can submit to the Globe Santa Fund a Holiday Gift Verification Form. If you have not received your verification form, contact your DTA case manager.

• Your holiday gift form includes your current address (important for gift delivery!) and lists the children in your household. Verify this information, and contact your case manager if changes are necessary.

• Globe Santa will process your request for eligible children who live in our delivery area. Be sure the address on the form is current. Contact your case manager to make changes.

• You must include this form with your family letter to be eligible for gifts.

• Mail your holiday gift verification form and letter to:
Globe Santa
P.O. Box 55820
Boston, MA

About agency verification forms (non-DTA)

• If your family does not receive DTA assistance, but does receive services from another registered Globe Santa Fund agency, you can still request gift assistance. Your agency must have personal knowledge or official records for your family.

• Your agency contact will complete and sign the verification form as a sponsor for your family.

• Your form includes your current address and lists all eligible children in your household. Verify this information, but do not cross out or write in edits. If you need to edit information about your address or children, contact your agency.

• You must include this form with your family letter to be eligible for gifts.

How to register your agency with Globe Santa:

If you represent a social services agency or faith-based organization, 
follow these steps to register for Globe Santa Fund approval.

1. Send Globe Santa a brief description of your organization, including:
• The official letterhead of your organization.
• Names, signatures, phone numbers, and email addresses of anyone you wish to authorize to verify family gift requests.
• Active social worker license numbers for individuals representing an agency.
• An official office stamp or faith-based organization seal.

2. Mail your request in time for registration deadline: Friday, October 17, 2014, to Globe Santa Registration, P.O. Box 55820, Boston, MA 02205-5820.

3. Wait for Globe Santa to contact you An agency’s enrollment is determined at the sole discretion of Globe Santa Fund.

4. If your agency is approved, Globe Santa will send you the guidelines and verification forms you need to get started.

Guidelines & Responsibilities:

To be authorized to verify requests, individuals must be either a licensed social worker or an official from a faith-based organization.

It is the responsibility of all approved agencies to have firsthand knowledge of the families they sponsor for holiday gifts.

Family letters must be submitted with completed and signed verification forms.
Requests with incomplete information will not be processed.

It is the responsibility of the agency to respond to inquiries from Globe Santa staff, such as assistance on undeliverable packages, changes in addresses, or conflicting information on a request from a prior year.

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